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Independent roleplay/ask blog for Erwin Smith, Commander of the Scouting Legion.

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—{♞} “I do hope you enjoy this” — Says Oscar.

"………" ERWIN WASN’T SURE HOW TO FEEL. "I…was that man…covered in ice cream and eating himself?" Or maybe he was ice cream? What…?

Posted on Apr 24— 29 minutes ago
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Mikasa hides all items containing caffeine, including the tea. All of the tea.

Doesn’t know how to continue his day anymore.

I’ve got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live? —Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (via quotes-shape-us)
Posted on Apr 24— 45 minutes ago
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It’s All About Chance || [Cat Dad AU] || shinymetalwings


♞ — He couldn’t help but place a clawed hand to his chest. All these dark clouds were fading away. Relief and peace of mind were just on the horizen at long last. He could have a chance to pay off all his debt. He could finally have a real job and— 

It was an overwhelming feeling to be free of all those heavy burdens. Only two more days of stripping and he’d be free. And knowing this man would never end if he stayed his secretary. Even after he paid his debt and moved out they’d continue to see each other. Maybe even be friends if Erwin didn’t mind. Having someone he could talk to and have adult conversations with. He desired it so terribly. He was as Erwin suspected, very lonely. 

He turned his attention back to his kittens, though his head was thinking over all the things they had to do in two days time. They had next to nothing so it wouldn’t be hard to pack. A couple of boxes to toss in the few things they owned and all would be well. They could leave behind the one crappy couch and mattress. The boxes they would use to pack were technically their tables. Just some clothing and the one toy each kitten had. And— yes. That was it. It would take no time to pack. But he still had to quit his job and tell the land lord he was leaving. With any luck he could get his tony security deposit back. It wasn’t much but it would help. 

He didn’t want to tell Erwin though that a cell phone number was useless to him. He supposed he could do a pay phone call if need be but— The blond probably knew he was cell phone less…  He probably wouldn’t need it, not right now anyway. It’d be useless to have in the future. But still— It reminded him how he was so much lower class than this man. But that would chance, eventually. He’d be able to work himself up to a better standing. 

"Maybe I haven’t worked in the best place to judge human decency…But… Believe me when I say there is no one out there would would do what you did for me. I don’t know if I’d do it either. I’m very thankful, Erwin." 

Again he ran his hands over his eyes. So overwhelmed. So happy. He just wanted to hug his kittens tight and promise them, and truly promise them, that things would get so much better now. 

"MAMA!!" He heard Eren scream across the park. "PUSH ME!" 

He smiled despite the demands and how bratty the little boy had been today. Nothing could possibly destroy this feeling he was having. He’d go to work and earn amazing tips and really work all those pigs over. And then before he knew it this hell would be over and all would be right in his world.

"I’m coming," He called back, reaching out to tug on Erwin’s sleeve a little bit encouraging the blond to follow him. 

Starting today, everything would be better. 

♜ ] — Erwin wasn’t sure why he felt such a surge of emotion from those words, but he felt as if he suddenly couldn’t breathe because of just how overwhelmed he was. He found himself smiling softly, glancing away almost sheepishly at the praise he was given. He was used to it to a point, the blond usually given compliments for his abilities at work and such, but never for something like this. This kind of complimenting was on a completely different level to him. “Now you’re just flattering me, Levi,” he teased a bit, ears perking to the sound of one of the kitten’s calling for their ‘mama’. That no doubt probably confused some of the other felines at the park.

It most certainly would have confused him if he hadn’t known why the man’s kittens affectionately called him such.

The gentle tug to his sleeve took his full attention, Erwin finding himself glancing at Levi for a quick moment before understanding dawned upon him. With a small nod, he allowed himself to be tugged along with black cat to the kittens playing on the playground. Today was a really good day, and it hadn’t started that way. It was so peculiar how life worked in such a manner, throwing one off with wonderful things like this moment. Erwin thought he’d be pondering what to do to help Levi with that dark room issue, torn between doing what he knew would most definitely fix the situation, or just allowing the man to live his life the way he chose without further intervention from him.

It was a complicated affair that had kept him up at night, even messing with his concentration at work despite no one catching on to the faint lapses in speed in his typing and the lack of zest in his voice when he answered the phone. Right now, everyone was so jovial that he was so glad that he had met the man when he did. What were the chances of bumping into Levi while on his way to get ice cream for his own little kitten? The chances were almost inconceivable. Had he been the kind of person to focus on fate and all that which he considered nonsense, he would have said that this was meant to happen—that he was meant to meet someone like this man.


Such a thing was so very odd…

Posted on Apr 24— 47 minutes ago
eatthebread ;  
Mikasa hides all the coffee in the base.

"……" Tries to figure out how to function with only tea.

Posted on Apr 24— 2 hours ago
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That’s horrifying

Legend says that if you leave your phone in a public bathroom and return at a later time, the BATHROOM MONKEY will leave his mark within your phone. This signifies that the BATHROOM MONKEY won’t stop until the subject is dead. Change your name. Flee the country. Burn your phone. The BATHROOM MONKEY will not stop.
Share this photo to ensure that your phone will be immune to the BATHROOM MONKEY’s curse.

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Title: Stress
Artist: Jim's Big Ego
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I’m addicted to stress, that’s the way that I get things done
If I’m not under pressure then I sleep too long
And I hang around like a bum
I think I’m going nowhere and that makes me nervous - !

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charismatic-commander ;  
Dramatically busts in office. "T-Twin, what am I supposed to DO with all these 'toys'?"



Well he had expected some kind of reaction, but he thought it would be AFTER the Shiny one had taught his Twin what he had explained.
"You…You use them for their intended purpose. On your self, on Levi, Make Levi use them on himself while you watch, have Levi watch you use them? Come now Erwin, you’re brighter than that. You appear to have a gift basket of fun from the man who loves you dearly. Why not surprise him?"


"If you’ve never I doubt you know to be honest twin, and I head from your captain the…misconception the Memo’s one led him to believe, if that’s what you’re referring to. That little basket plus what Memos sent you well…I’m fairly certain Levi could walk you through most of it though it seems a bit self explanatory."  Oh his poor twin looked as if her were about done with the world at the moment. Really he was putting more on this than needed be, they were some fake cocks, toys, meant for fun. Not quite this much embarrassment.

"Well…I don’t…know about these beads, though I can assume what those are for. And well…” The rest of it looked rather self-explanatory considering all the dicks in the basket. Being ‘walked through it’ was unavoidable it would seem, so he would just….have to suck it up and deal even though he’d have quite a difficult time keeping a straight face. “I….suppose I should be flattered you and Memos are attempting to…lend assistance with my sex life.” Not that he really had one to begin with. It was…endearing when he looked at it from a completely different angle—sorta…kinda.

"I doubt…I’ll really be using any of this though—"

Posted on Apr 23— 3 hours ago