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It’s All About Chance || [Cat Dad AU] || shinymetalwings


♞ — The kittens were overjoyed at all of this. So much to take in so many wonderful things to try. It was even better when Eren found out you could have a tiny spoonful for a sample, just to see if you’d like it. Nearly bouncing off the walls he tried a handful of ice cream before finally picking a scoop of cotton candy and a scoop of cookies in cream. Both in the same bowl but he was determined to have two different flavors and not let his choices go to waste. He then informed the little blond kitten of the excellent choices and what he recommended, clearly the little ice cream expert now.

Mikasa followed Erwin’s advice getting a cone of the peanut butter surprise. She’d never had a cone before either so this was quite the treat. It felt like getting extra. Before she even took one lick she looked over at her mama. “What are you going to have?” she asked, a part of her already knowing the answer.

"Nothing. It’s just for the kittens." Levi informed his little girl, waving a hand at her. "You enjoy your treat. I bet it’s really good." 

That was exactly what the little dark haired kitten suspected. “Mister Erwin,” she instantly went back up to the blond cat who seemed to be able to make her parent agree to some things. “Mama never eats,” surely if she taddle tailed a little bit he could get their mom to do things. Like she told him… their mother needed to be fixed.

The young kitten knew there was a lot of things not quite right about their situation. Money was an issue and she could tell.  She knew other kits had lots of toys and nice clothing. She saw such things when they went out and on the screens of the televisions as they walked past the store. While Eren might not realize it there was a lot lacking that ‘ordinary’ families had. This little blond kitten clearly from a ‘normal’ family. She also knew that their mama was sad about not being able to give them everything. Their mama was nearly happier than they were about getting their very first toys. But she didn’t mind. She liked things the way they were. And she was rather happy only sad when mama was sad. So. Maybe some ice cream would cheer him up. 

"Mama’s been a good kitty! Mama can have ice cream too, right?" She nodded at the blond cat hoping he’d agree with her. Or… was money still an issue. She always forgot. "I’ll help pay!" she offered, digging into the pockets of her make shift dress, digging up the few coins she found on the street. She was going to give them to mama  to help pay for things but now was as good a time as any. It was just a few pennies but she didn’t know any better. "Does this help at all?" she questioned holding out her hand with the money in it. 

♜ ] — “Hm?” Erwin turned his gaze away from the black cat to instead peer down at the little one whose hair was just as dark as her ‘mama’s’.  This kitten was determined to get the man help, and it was to a point that Erwin could honestly find quite endearing. She had the blond to ‘fix’ the other cat because he was broken, but he truly did not know where to begin with that. When it came to making someone feel better though, kind deeds did go a long way. The words that left the kitten’s mouth made his ears perk slightly with alarm. He never eats? So…did Dazzle give all the food that he managed to get to the kittens? That would mean that his main source of food was nibbling on things at the club more or less. Without that…he didn’t have much of anything to go by anymore.

This man…he was so selfless.

The loyalty and devotion he showered upon his kittens was awe-inspiring, something that Erwin shouldn’t have been surprised to see, and yet in this world, things like this could become uncommon…as sad as that was. Dazzle was truly willing to do near anything to take care of these kittens. Where was his wife? Did he even have one? There was no ring upon that finger to say otherwise. So, were these kittens the product of an accident? It seemed the more he delved into this man’s life, the more questions he found himself having. If one began to drown in questions about a person, that meant that individual would want to find out more…which in turn, could breed even further attachment. This wasn’t a good idea, he knew that, and yet he believed he might have already fallen far too deep to even bother to climb out anymore.

So if that was the case, why was he fighting this so much? Why didn’t he just cave in? Ah…all these questions. He needed to stop asking himself things that he wasn’t even sure he could ever get answered. “Has he now? Well, good kitties must get ice cream in that case.” He was surprised by her enthusiasm to pay, the blond curiously watching the kitten bring out coins that wouldn’t be enough for literally anything. Such a small gesture made him smile softly, the man reaching forward to gently scratch behind one of her ears without even realizing it. “There’s no need. I can pay for your mama. So keep your money.” He reached to gently close her little hand around the coins. He promised to fix the man, after all. He wouldn’t make a promise he couldn’t keep…

At least…he truly hoped he could keep this one.

Promises had always been important to him as he had grown up, his father always so serious about them to the point that it rubbed off on Erwin with ease as well. Such things were so easily broken, but he wouldn’t allow it to be under his watch. As long as he had the determination to keep it, he would. Approaching the clerk, he dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, handing the man a twenty and getting something for the dark-haired feline. He wasn’t sure what flavor the man would like, so he just picked the same flavor he had bought for Mikasa, making sure to get himself the same thing too. He had a feeling that if he didn’t, that would be called into question with Dazzle feeling he was devouring the blond’s money.

As he had said though…

This money was his to offer and his to use.

Giving a polite nod to the young man at the counter, he turned and approached Dazzle, holding out the ice cream cone. “Here, this is for you.” He gave a small smile, hoping the man would accept it. He had a feeling that Dazzle wasn’t a wasteful person, and so the feline would have no choice but to take the ice cream cone, especially with watching kittens in tow.

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sure these guys mightve seen some crazy things but i doubt they could sit through an entire scary movie

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i’m too tired for this shit

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♞ — He lowered his gaze and scuffed his boot across the floor. There was no avoiding it. They did need to talk this out. He needed to explain himself and he would do just that. 

Levi slowly made his way to his own desk, taking a seat in his chair. He took another deep breath wondering where to begin. Funny enough he tried to have this conversation with Erwin just the other day but had been brushed aside… 

Well. At least part of this conversation. 


"Some of my twins know but I guess you wouldn’t. I don’t particularly like commanders. Of all of your twins out there… I like only about four." Bolo Memos commander, Blood and then his own… "The rest I tolerate. And there are a handful I detest but most of those are ones that are dead and gone… Save for the few that i know,  I don’t trust the rest. I used to but not anymore. If I catch wind that a twin is hurt by a commander I will act. Even you… I won’t allow any twins to be hurt by you or any blond commander of the scouting legion… not anymore. So when I heard it was you, I knew it couldn’t possibly be serious but then you lied to me… And then the whole situation got out of hand and I ended up hurting you. Which was not something I ever wanted to do." He hadn’t known what a tazer was or what it could do. He never believed that Mikasa would give him something that could do actual harm to Erwin. 

"I have to look out for my twins, Erwin. I can’t stand to see them hurt even the ones I’m not close to. I have to do this…”  He could go into further detail, should Erwin wished. He could talk about what he’d brought up days before. But they didn’t have to. Maybe this was enough for Erwin… 

♜ ] — Erwin waited for Levi to take a seat, patiently hoping that whatever Levi told him would be more than enough to make up for all that had transpired that day. What he heard was something he wasn’t surprised of hearing. He had a feeling about all this a while back, but it wasn’t his business to prod so he didn’t. Erwin Smith did not delve into the lives of others and he expected the very same courtesy with no excuses to be had. Leaning forward, he narrowed his eyes a bit, suspicious, yet not ready to tread into that question just yet. Levi explained, yes; however, Erwin knew there had to be more than just what he was being told. There was something much deeper underneath, much like how a glacier was larger compared to what was seen by the naked eye on the surface of the water.

“I didn’t hurt him. Your twin was harassing me after I told him to stop. I had already had a rather…odd day, and then he had the nerve to rub salt in the wound. So, I reacted accordingly, but it was never to hurt him. I was hurt that you would dare think I would ever do anything to harm you or anyone else without justification, and I’m still not happy that you would even trail along that train of thought.” He sighed, leaning back and making himself more comfortable. Erwin was going to be here a while. “You…take lying far too seriously, even if it’s something that’s entirely harmless you can often blow it out of proportion. Why is that, Levi? What else have you not told me?”


He was relentless with his questions, firm even as he interrogated the man. There was more. So much more and he knew it. “Why do you feel you have to protect others when they don’t need your protection, nor have they asked for it?” So many ‘why’s’ and he had so many more that were sitting on the tip of his tongue.


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♞ — It was alright. They’d be alright. Such words truly calmed him down and he relaxed just as Erwin softly he insisted he do. He took deep calming breaths and just tried to get himself into a good place. 

Erwin holding him tightly and comforting him went a long way. To the point where he eventually was calm in this man’s arms. The fear and panic and everything that had been circling and circling all day was finally dissipating. They were going to be fine. They may need to do some rebuilding but they for the most part would be alright. At least… he thought so.  


♜ ] — When he was completely sure the other man was calm, he slowly released him, peering down at him in deep thought. “Levi…we need to talk. I an explanation as to what happened earlier.” Erwin was never so defensive about his own twins, not stepping in if they had conflicts that he deemed not his business. However, Levi had truly taken this quite personally, even more than the person Erwin was having a silent war against. It wasn’t anything to be alarmed about—more or less the teasing of two men who considered one another brothers.They often bickered like children around one another, so it wasn’t anything surprising.

Yet, Levi had taken it an entirely different way that he couldn’t understand. Was it because he lied? Yes, that had been what started the rampage that had followed. Erwin couldn’t quite figure out why that warranted the attack that he had received for something harmless. There was a lot of deeper meaning behind what Levi thought, and he wanted to know about it. Pushing himself away and gently patting Levi’s shoulder, he made his way over to the chair in front of the man’s desk, taking a seat and clasping hands under his chin.

He refused to leave until he was given something to go by. 

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fr ick mikasa is so precious gawdddd ////

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I havent actually watched KLK nor do I plan to, but the suits are really awesome (even tho I couldnt find any GOOD refs for the white one..), aaaand I may or may not have been looking for an excuse to draw people in them SOOOOOO

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