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{ for charismatic-commander - continued from x }

♞  ▎ What the Hell was Erwin going on about? The man had a strange way about him up in that head of his. Nile chalked it up to too many Titans and not enough sleep. Throw in his lack of alcoholism to drown out the horrors he had seen and Erwin was a virtual powder keg for insanity. Was he slipping?


"Mike?" He asked with a cocked eyebrow, "Since it does sound insane— Where did this come from?”

 }       I…I don’t know…” He…he needed to have a seat. Taking a deep breath through his nose, Erwin sat down, careful of what was left of his aching as he leaned back. Damn, maybe he was truly losing it. After all, a lot of things had been tossed his way. His arm still felt like it was on fire sometimes, new information given to him being traumatizing in itself, and now this. “Even on the carriage ride here, the inside of the compartment was…chilly. It was like someone else was in there with me, but…perhaps it’s just stress. Mike, as you very well know, did not make it. I don’t have to have eyewitnesses to know he’s gone.”

Erwin supposed this had hit him harder than he thought. He didn’t believe in the afterlife and spirits. That was all absolute nonsense from humans who needed something supernatural to explain the pains of death. Yet…how was he to explain this? Sometimes he felt something brush his shoulder, or he saw outlines of the man watching him. Hell, he even heard his voice. “I think I just might need a drink.” Something heavy. It’d drown out all these thoughts.

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"What’s wrong with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost."



[ T A I N T E D G R A Y ’ S S E N T E N C E M E M E ]

↳ ♕ R a n d o m i z e d . H a u n t i n g S t y l e

"N-N-Nothing—" A pause and the look on his face showed that he was about to say something else, another title perhaps. "Nothing Commander, I’m fine." It’s always been difficult to deal with the death of his comrades, people that he had worked with—he wasn’t constantly attached to his superior—he had worked with others as well. 

Sometimes eidetic memory worked against him, making him think that he’s seeing them there however reality would set in and they would just vanish. “Is there anything you need of me, Commander?”


 }       Ɛrwin raised an eyebrow slightly, taking in the stuttering and the anxiousness that dripped off the other male like sweat. Moblit was handling the death of those around him worse than he would have thought. It made him feel a bit uneasy; the man quietly wondering if he should perhaps invite Moblit to his office and have him talk to him. Erwin wasn’t a therapist—he couldn’t really help much, but sometimes just talking to another was enough to help with the mourning process. Still…he would not offer that unless he was truly worried over the mental state of his soldier. 

"No…not really. I just noticed you didn’t look…particularly well."

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continued from [ x


The ghost walked close to his friend. He was breaking. Emotionally, yes. Physically, the missing arm said it all. Mentally? Maybe, he could not tell. 

At first, Mike was angry, upset. At himself mostly. He was a coward in the end. Humanity’s second strongest….and he died crying in the presence of a titan. But then…his angry turned toward those he cared about. As…no one seemed to remember him. No one bothered to ask the question where had Mike gone. Then again, more serious matters were needed to be taken. So…angry was something Mike could not stay for long.

He moved closer to the man who was once his friend. His feet barely touching the ground, as he floated a few centimeters above. The sadness laced in the commander’s eyes struck a cord with Mike. He wanted to reach out and touch his friend, but could not. “We were supposed to die together, Erwin. So neither of us, had to feel this way.” Mike said softly, “You, Nile and myself…”

 }       Ɯhat feelings went through his friend’s head? Was he angry? Enraged because there was not a moment of care visible among his soldiers at his and his soldier’s demises? The rage was justified if that was the case…because no one had even given a whisper about Mike Zakarius. They all knew his fate though. It was obvious, and even if the man had somehow managed to make it, there was no way to send a rescue party out to look for him. If you were not back within the walls with the others, you were always presumed dead. Erwin wished he could apologize; give words about how he wished and hoped that the blond hadn’t died alone somewhere, frightened and cut off from everyone. 

That thought…was a painful one; just as painful as the mental image. 

Mike’s presence would not be ignored, that chill that surrounded the dead intensifying as the other male moved closer. Was this what death felt like? It was supposedly a release from the cruelties of this world, but Erwin questioned that. After all, here was his friend, tormented by his own demise and making sure Erwin remembered that. “When the Fate’s cut another’s string, sometimes they bypass the others. It was not my time to go. Perhaps soon, they’ll grab my thread and cut it, but for now, I have things I must do. We cannot meet you just yet, Mike.”

And he was sorry for that.

So sorry.

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the devil might wear prada, but erwin smith wears jil sander, and personal assistant #1 only wears bespoke suits.

there is no hope for personal assistant #2.

(based on the devil wears prada movie, but it really isnt worth watching)

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It's not pimples it's just like bumps??? My face is growing nipples


Are you going to become like a real life hentai manga?

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I really love your Erwin and reading your posts. You're so great! Keep up the good work. c:


//Fsdfsfsf amg thank you so much! I’m glad you like how I’m doing things ughugh /////  /) V (\

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